German driving laws – fines for speeding, drunk driving, parking violations etc.

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German traffic laws for foreigners

german traffic laws for foreigners
German traffic laws for foreigners

Regarding the question, whether Germans are considerate or rather reckless drivers, everyone will have a different answer after a visit to Germany. That is not surprising considering there are 43 million registered cars in Germany after all. And there are a variety of differences between their drivers. Therefore, the “German driving style” can hardly be evaluated, because there is no such thing as “a German driver”.

According to a recent survey conducted by an insurance company, 96% of all German drivers consider themselves as “very good” or at least “quite good” drivers. Admittedly, the number of traffic deaths is declining every year, but nevertheless, the proportion of traffic deaths in other countries like the UK or the Netherlands is still smaller than in Germany. In spite of that, you can give credit to the Germans that only a sixth of the 43 million car drivers has got so called Punkte in Flensburg (points in Flensburg).

The Flensburger Konto (account in Flensburg) generally records, if someone committed traffic violations like speeding. The bigger the hazard caused by the misbehaviour, the more points will be recorded on the account. If a traffic offender has gathered 8 points, he or she must hand in the driving licence permanently.

FAQ: German driving laws

Is my driving licence valid in Germany?

Usually foreign licences are valid in Germany. Depending on how long someone is staying, different laws apply. Please check here for more information.

Is there a speed limit valid in Germany?

Yes, in communities the general speed limit is 50 km/h. Information about other speed limits and about fines for violations of those can be found here.

Will drunk driving be punished in Germany?

Yes, drunk driving is a traffic violation and from a certain point onwards will be seen as a criminal offence. The general limit is 0,5 ‰ and 0,0 ‰ for drivers under 21 or with a new licence. Check here for more informtion.

The points also apply to foreigners

Points for foreigners
Points for foreigners

Under German law, foreigners travelling through Germany are able to collect points in Flensburg as well, if they commit a violation according to the schedule of fines. The rules regarding the points apply to foreigners just like they do to natives. Additional to the points, there are further penalties which can be imposed on foreigners.

  • For instance, a fine which is sent as a penalty notice to foreign countries as well. If the recipient does not pay the fine, it will also result in enforcement proceedings – at least in the EU.
  • Furthermore, car drivers who committed certain violations like running a red light may be punished with a temporary driving ban which usually lasts for one to three months.

The German schedule of fines is a unified compilation of all German traffic violations and fines according to German driving laws. It also states which additional penalties are imposed on offenders. The schedule of fines defines if the violation entails a driving ban and how long this ban will last. It also determines if points are being recorded and how many.

Furthermore, the German law states that criminal offences like drunk driving can already result in the revocation of the driver’s licence – even if the offender has not gathered 8 points on the account in Flensburg yet. A so called MPU is one of the steps to regain the driver’s permit. It is short for Medizinisch-Psychologische Untersuchung (medical-psychological examination) and requires a report which must attest the offender a more careful driving style in the future. It is often not that easy to receive one. As long as this report is not issued, the offender cannot drive a car in Germany with his or her previous driver’s licence.

In this instance, the traffic offender can lose his or her driving permit abroad as well. The EUCARIS (European Car and Driving Licence Information System) has the data of holders of a driver’s licence from many European countries and provides authorities abroad with it. Thus a driving ban can be enforced there. A general statement if this will happen in other countries is not possible though.

If it happens, there is the possibility that only the violatioin against the regulation of “carrying a driving licence” is punished abroad as sometimes the criminal offence “driving without a driving licence” does not exist in this country.

Revocation of a foreign driving permit

German driving laws allow for two different kinds of driving bans. In the case of a temporary driving ban, the driver’s licence will be revoked as a penalty for a period of up to three months. Afterwards, the holder reacquires it from the authorities. This procedure is also legitimate with a foreign driver’s permit. The ban is usually marked on the concerned licence.

Even if someone is in Germany for just a short time – as a tourist for example – and is punished with a driving ban, the traffic offender cannot unmake it by leaving Germany. The temporary ban prohibits driving in Germany for the defined period of time. If an offender drives during the ban, her or she can be charged with driving without a licence upon re-entry into Germany. This is a criminal offence by German law which is punished with a fine or even a prison sentence of up to one year.

A permanent driving ban for the holder of a foreign driver’s licence is regulated by section 69b in the StGB (German criminal code). It states that the preliminary permission to operate a vehicle in Germany with a foreign driving permit is revoked with the driving ban. Furthermore, it is not possible to get a German driving licence within a retention period set by the authorities.

If the offender is from an EU country, his or her seized driver’s permit will be sent to the appropriate authority in their home country. In some cases, it might even be sent to the home address of the offender. If not, the ban will be noted on the licence itself – the licence then will not be valid anymore in Germany.

Again, if someone drives a car in spite of that, he or she commits a criminal offence. This driving without a licence will not be treated as a traffic violation according to the schedule of fines, but as an offence as per German law. This also means the case will be taken to court. Legal consequences differ from country to country, if you drive without a licence outside of Germany.

Do I need a German driving licence?

Information about the German driving licence
Infomatione about the German driving licence

Someone who is staying in Germany for extended periods of time and is driving a car here, may want to get a German driving licence. According to German driving laws, this is not necessary if the stay is a short one! The foreign driver’s licence is valid in Germany in the first few months, especially if you are from an EU country. You should check the age limits or time restrictions for the different kinds of licences in Germany. A driver’s licence class C1 and C1E for example needs to be renewed every five years.

Drivers from one of the member states of the EU or a contractual state of the European Economy Area (EEA) will have less problems having their foreign driver’s permit validated in Germany. A translation of the driver’s permit into German is not necessary in these cases. A driver’s licence acquired and issued in such a country will still be valid, if the holder registers a new place of residence in Germany as per German law.

But heads up: the termination date of the driving permit remains valid! Possibly, you have to request an extension with the German authorities. Since the processing will take some time, you should contact the authorities opportunely. You will receive the German documents together with the extension of your driver’s licence, provided that your registered residence is in Germany and you spend at least 185 days a year there.

Driving permits from non-EU countries

So a driver’s licence which was issued within the EU is usually applicable in Germany without any problems. If you have a foreign driver’s permit, though, which was not issued in a EU country nor an EEA country, we strongly advise you to get professional consulting at your local admissions office. According to German driving laws, your current driver’s licence will be valid for the first six months when you have registered a German residency. After that time it will expire. You will have to apply for a German driving licence in due time.

The regulations for acquiring the German driving licence depend on the country the original driver’s licence was issued in. You can find out the regulations for your country at your local driving licence office. Provided that you are not staying longer than a year in Germany, you can get a special permit; thereby you do not have to get a new licence. This special permit must be recorded in your documents; otherwise you might get into trouble at a traffic check.

Speed limits in Germany

Speeding fines in Germany should not be  underestimated.
Speeding fines in Germany should not be underestimated.

Germany has a speed limit of 50 km/h within built-up areas and 100 km/h outside built-up areas – like most European countries. On the other hand, there is no speed limit on the German Autobahn (motorways) – just a recommended speed of 130 km/h. Car drivers are required to drive according to the weather conditions, though. For instance, ice and snow can make it necessary for drivers to drive slower. Consistently, there are heated discussions on establishing a speed limit on the German Autobahn as well. Up to now, this is not the case though.

However, there are traffic signs indicating a speed limit on many street sections and on the motorways as well. Drivers who are speeding in Germany may be caught by a speed trap. The driver must be recognizable on the photo which can be automatically taken by the radar trap. In Germany it is the driver that is liable, which lies in contrast to other countries. Therefore, the registered keeper of the vehicle does not always receive the penalty notice, but it must be undoubtedly clarified on the basis of the photographic evidence that the suspected person was in fact driving.

The following table contains some fines for speeding violations against German driving laws along with the related point and shows if a driving ban is imposed.

German speeding fines

Out of townFinePointsDriving ban
…1 - 10 km/h€ 20
…11 - 15 km/h€ 40
…16 - 20 km/h€ 60
…21 - 25 km/h€ 701
…26 - 30 km/h€ 8011 month
…31 - 40 km/h€ 12011 month
…41 - 50 km/h€ 16021 month
…51 - 60 km/h€ 24021 month
…61 - 70 km/h€ 44022 months
> 70 km/h€ 60023 months

In townFinePointsDriving ban
…1 - 10 km/h€ 30
…11 - 15 km/h€ 50
…16 - 20 km/h€ 70
…21 - 25 km/h€ 8011 month
…26 - 30 km/h€ 10011 month
…31 - 40 km/h€ 16021 month
…41 - 50 km/h€ 20021 month
…51 - 60 km/h€ 28022 months
…61 - 70 km/h€ 48023 months
> 70 km/h€ 68023 months

How fines changed due to the new StVO:

Speeding out of townFine: old → newPointsDriving ban
up to 10 km/h€ 10 → € 20--
11-15 km/h€ 20 → € 40--
16-20 km/h€ 30 → € 60--
21-25 km/h€ 70 → € 701-
26-30 km/h€ 80 → € 801new: 1 month
31-40 km/h€ 120 → € 1201new: 1 month
Speeding in townFine: old → newPointsDriving ban
up to 10 km/h€ 15 → € 30--
11-15 km/h€ 25 → € 50--
16-20 km/h€ 35 → € 70--
21-25 km/h€ 80 → € 80 1new: 1 month
26-30 km/h€ 100 → € 1001new: 1 month

Parking violations

Parking violations
Parking violations

Many tourists do not know the regulations when it comes to parking in Germany. That is not surprising, since there are a lot of rules to follow: it is stated in the StVO (German driving laws) that it is forbidden to park 5 m in front of crossovers or side roads (8 m if there is a cycle path). Lowered kerbs are also off-limits. Moreover, drivers are supposed to park in a space-saving way and must not park in front of a driveway, bus stop signs or on manhole covers. Overall, parking is not allowed in a lot of places pursuant to German driving laws. If these regulations are violated, the driver will get a parking ticket. Parking is permitted at places with a blue traffic sign with a white “P” on it. Sometimes you will have to get a pay-and-display-ticket first, though.

German Parking FinesFinesPointsDriving ban
Parking at unclear road locations, sharp bends, on pedestrian crossings, 5m before / 10m after traffic lights€ 35
with obstruction€ 55
over 1 hour€ 55
over 1 hour with obstruction€ 55
Parking on foot- or bicycle paths€ 55
with obstruction€ 701
over 1 hour€ 701
over 1 hour with obstruction€ 801
over 1 hour with danger€ 801
over 1 hour with accident€ 1001
Parking on a confined space + obstruction to rescue vehicles€ 1001
Parking in front of or in fire service access road€ 551
obstructs emergency vehicles€ 1001
Parked on restricted areas in second row€ 55
with obstruction€ 801
with danger€ 901
with accident€ 1101
over 15 minutes€ 851
over 15 minutes with obstruction€ 901
Exceeding the parking time by up to 30 minutes€ 20
Up to 1 hour€ 25
Up to 2 hours€ 30
Up to 3 hours€ 35
Over 3 hours€ 40
Parking on a disabled parking spot€ 55
Parking on pedestrian areas or other prohibited zones€ 55
with obstruction€ 70
over 3 hours€ 70
Parking in the travel area of rail vehicles€ 55
with obstruction€ 701
Parking in places where stopping is prohibited€ 25
with obstruction€ 40
over 1 hour€ 40
over 1 hour with obstruction€ 50
Parking on special lanes and at bus stops€ 55
with obstruction€ 70
with danger€ 80
with accident€ 100
over 3 hours€ 70
over 3 hours with obstruction€ 80
over 3 hours with danger€ 100
over 3 hours with accident€ 100
Unpermissable parking on parking spots for E-Vehicles€ 55
Unpermissable parking on parking spots for Carsharing-Vehicles€ 55
German Stopping FinesFinePointsDriving ban
Stopping in narrow or unclear places, on sharp bends, on acceleration or deceleration strips, within five metres of pedestrian crossings, at taxi stands, up to ten metres in front of traffic lights, and where prohibited by markings, traffic lights and road signs€ 20
… with an obstruction€ 35
Stopping in the second row€ 55
… with an obstruction€ 701
… with danger€ 801
… with accident€ 1001
Stopping on bicycle lanes€ 55
… with an obstruction€ 701
… with danger€ 801
… with accident€ 1001
Unpermissable stopping on a bus lane or at bus stops€ 55
… with an obstruction€ 70
… with danger€ 80
… with accident€ 100

Safety regulations in the car

It is advisable to equip your car according to the safety regulations before driving in Germany. It can be inspected at a traffic check, if you have

  • a reflective vest
  • a first aid kid
  • a warning triangle

in your car. This equipment is obligatory in Germany just like in most EU countries. Furthermore, the condition of the tyres is sometimes checked as well. The minimum tread depth in Germany is 1.6 mm as per German law; it also is mandatory to have winter tyres, if the weather conditions dictate it.

There is a seatbelt requirement in Germany, too: all passengers must wear a seatbelt while driving. By the way, this also applies to coaches!

Passengers of full age are punished with a fine of € 30, if they do not wear a seatbelt in a moving car. In accordance with German driving laws children smaller than 150 cm have to be double secured: with a seatbelt and a children’s, baby or booster seat. As soon as one of the obligatory safety measures is violated, a fine of € 30 is inflicted. If a child is detected with no safety device whatsoever, the driver will have to pay a fine of € 60 and will get a point in Flensburg. If several children are not secured at all, the fine will increase to € 70.

Drunk driving and drug driving

drunk driving
Drunk driving

It is undisputable that the consumption of drugs and alcohol limits the ability to respond. Therefore, the risk to get into a car accident increases enormously. This way, you not only endanger yourself, but also others on the road.

The German alcohol laws and drug laws are very strict, thus the punishment for drunk driving or for driving under the influence of drugs is particularly harsh. The fines go from € 500 to € 1500. Additionally, long driving bans are imposed and multiple points are recorded.

A driver who is caught with 1.1 mg/ml or higher commits a criminal offence and is taken to court. A car driver who is at least 21 years old and has his or her driver’s licence for at least 2 years has a legal alcohol limit of 0.5 mg/ml. There is no traffic violation existent up to this limit, as long as the driving style is not suspicious or endangers others. Adolescents under 21 have a legal limit of 0.0 mg/ml: they are not allowed to drink any alcohol, if they want to operate a vehicle afterwards. The same is valid for new drivers, who have had their licence for less than two years.

The use of marijuana is also prohibited by law in Germany. Therefore, drug driving can not only result in prosecution, but a driving ban as well.

Fines for cyclists and pedestrians

Most of the violations mentioned in the schedule of fines refer to drivers of power-driven vehicles. Pursuant to German driving laws, pedestrians and drivers of non-motorised vehicles can receive a penalty notice as well, though. Cyclists whose bike is not equipped with the proper lighting have to pay a fine of up to € 25. Pedestrians have to pay a warning fine of € 5, if they cross against the red light. Cyclists get a point and a fine of € 60 for this violation. Helmets are not mandatory for cyclists in Germany. By the way, a ride with the bike with over 1.6 mg/ml or a suspicious driving style with at least 0.3 mg/ml can already lead to a criminal charge! Additionally, the offender gets 3 points.

German driving laws are mostly only slightly different to the regulations in other countries. All these sets of rules, like the StVO, are intended for the same thing: increase traffic safety so most accidents can be prevented. Car drivers who are on the road in Germany can do little wrong, when they stick to the prescribed guidelines in section 1 of the StVO: All road and transport users are urged to be considerate of others and drive carefully at all times. Everyone who takes these principles to heart will have no problems while driving in Germany or elsewhere.

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German driving laws – fines for speeding, drunk driving, parking violations etc.
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  1. Adyl sagt:


    I received a fine from the police for using a phone while driving which I payed. After a month I received a lot of letters from 2016 and 2015 for umweltplakette ( i didnt know at that tine that I had to get one). What do I do, I heard that they have to send me a fine within 3 months. These are for offences last year longer than 6 months ago.

    Thanks for your help!

    • sagt:

      Hello Adil,

      indeed most offenses can only be punished if the “Bußgeldbescheid” is sent to you within three, sometimes up to six months. You should contact a lawyer, he can provide you with further information.

      The editorial staff of

  2. Mohamed Y. sagt:


    I am a foreigner, i have been in driving in Germany for 5 months with my international driving license, one day i was driving behind a big truck, and suddenly at an intersection, i was flashed TWICE. Apparently i broke a red traffic light and i could not see it because the truck was blocking my view.

    Then i received a letter asking me to state if i have committed the offense or not, and so i did and also included an explanation for the situation to clarify that this offense was not intended, hoping that i would get pardoned or something.

    After i received an other letter asking me to pay the fee of 230 Euro! That is really high amount, is there something i could do and not pay that much? or it is final and i have to pay? Also what happens if i do not pay?

    I am inteding to apply for a german driving license soon.

    Best Regards
    Mohamed H.

    • sagt:

      Hello Mohamed,

      if the authorities did not accept your objection, it seems that the decision is final. The fee ist correct, if the red light was on for more than one second. If you do not pay, there might be a chance that a so-called “Erzwingungshaft” will be imposed. This means, that you might have to go to jail. But this is only the last resort. Perhaps you should contact a lawyer. He can give you helpul advice.

      The editorial staff of

  3. Akshay sagt:


    I was driving through one of the road in Germany (inside built-up area) and noticed the Umleitung sign in the direction of my travel a little late. Due to this, I crossed the sign and then took a U-turn . While taking a U-turn, I noticed a police vehicle standing on the corner of the junction ,opposite to the Umleitung sign . But they never stopped me . I am wondering if they somehow noted my vehicle number and would later send a letter. I am still under trial period of my license. Any ideas about this situation?


    • sagt:

      Hello Akshay,

      it depends. In generell it is not forbidden to take a U-turn on the streets. There was no accident and you didn’t told us about a different rule you broke. So you should just wait if there will be a letter.

      The editorial staff of

  4. Mohit sagt:


    I am a previous resident of Munich and I have moved to Switzerland since 1 November 2016. I perhaps committed a traffic violation on before moving. Since I moved to Switzerland soon afterwards I did not receive any information regarding that.

    However, the current resident at my previous address in Munich has contacted me about receiving a letter from the Polizeiverwaltung.

    It says that (in German) that unfortunately I was unable to pay a fine previously and now I will have to pay 114,50 euros. I don’t mind paying the fine but I would like to know more details about the violation since at the moment I only have a scanned copy of this letter that does not state anything about the violation.

    Kindly look into the matter and suggest the best course of action.


    • sagt:

      Hello Mohit,

      if you have the address and the Aktenzeichen you could ask the authorities.

      The editorial staff of

  5. Patrick sagt:

    Hi I received a fine of 185 euros in February for overspeeding in January. Apparently we were driving at 123 km/h on a motorway where there was a passage at 80km/h. I can only think there was probably a zone under works. I missed the 80 sign and got this fine in February of 189 euros. I contacted Kreis Kleve who issued the fine to ask allowance to pay the bill in April and not in March. I got a reply in German that I should not consider that bill anymore but another one will be issued End of March to be paid in April. I received the new bill yesterday and the amount has gone from 189 euros to 265 euros and it speaks about a 1 month ban. I contacted Kreis Kleve again and they tell me that considering the speed I was driving, they decided to increase it. Is that normal to proceed that way ? The second bill is in German and summarized in Dutch. Problem is I am French living in the Netherlands but cannot speak German and Dutch.
    I see nothing explaining how the 1 month ban is applied. Do I need to send my driving license to Kreis Kleve or can I hand it over to the Dutch police ? Can I pay the first fine instead of the second one ?

    • sagt:

      Hello Patrick,

      the driving ban will only be in force in Germany. The German authorities are not allowed to seize your driver’s license, they can only make a note on the license saying that there is a ban in Germany. Regarding the fine you should contact a lawyer.

      The editorial staff of

  6. Moritz P. sagt:


    I was wondering if it is legal to drive with an american drivers license if you are under the age of 18. My license allows me to drive by myself in America but am I allowed to drive by myself in Germany with the age of 16 1/2?

    • sagt:

      Hello Moritz,

      in Germany you are not allowed to drive if you are under the age of 17. If you are 17 years old and have an american drivers license, you can ask at the Führerscheinstelle for permission to drive with a co-driver, which has to be older than 30 years.

      The editorial staff of

      • Chris sagt:


        I was stopped in Bavaria by the police and forced to take a give a urine sample and then a blood sample.
        Although I was absolutely not drug driving and hadn’t used cannabis in over 10 days I tested positive for over 1 nanogram of THC (1.5) and now they are trying to force me to pay a very hefty fine which I can’t afford.
        Is there any way I can see a judge or contest it?

        • Anton sagt:

          Hello, how did it ended for You? After how long time of waiting did you get letter? They say it will take from 2-6weeks to test my blood. As i see you were in trouble few months ago, can you tell me what happened for you? I hope it ended well for You.

        • sagt:

          Hello Chris,

          unfortunately, we can’t give any legal advise. Only a lawyer can give it.

          The editorial staff of

  7. Tina sagt:


    I was flashed for having gone through a red light of over 1 second. Or apparently, it was over 1 second. It was at a very poorly designed intersection on a road near my house that I never travel down except to go to a grocery store. I had my son in the car with me and I am VIGILANT about stopping if a light is anywhere close to changing, but even trying to contest the ticket with a lawyer, they have decided my case and I have to pay over 300 EUR. I was given a 6 week window to hand in my licence for 30 days. I am a single mother who commutes over 40 minutes each way to get to my job, but, I guess that doesn’t matter.

    Anyway, I got two points for two speeding tickets over two years which both happened on long driving trips (both were for going 81 in a 60 zone, which I must have missed). Now I have 4 points !! because of the red light and I am a very worried that it will raise my insurance but I am also worried about the points I have. Is there a way to reduce my points? I never had any problems in the 25 years of driving in the U.S. but here I’m half way to losing my license!

    Also, do I really have to mail my license in for the 30 day period? It seems odd to me to put my driver’s license in the mail.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

    • sagt:

      Hello Tina,

      the points have no influence concerning your insurance. You can indeed get rid of one point with an “Punkteabbauseminar”, which costs around 300 Euro. You can indeed mail your license to the requiered police station.

      The editorial staff of

  8. Fikret sagt:

    Hello ,

    I received a fine for exceeding the speed limit with 47 km/h over and of course a 1 month suspension of driving licence. I have to drive to work everyday with car and I have to make 100 km one way and back. Also I use it for going to customers etc. With train it takes really long and the times are not suitable . Is there any way to convert this 1 month suspension to cash fine or something else regarding my situation ? Or no solution at all ?


    • sagt:


      it is indeed possible to convert a driving ban into a higher fine. However, you will need to contact a lawyer in order to do that.

      The editorial staff of

  9. AB sagt:

    I was flashed while driving in Autobahn A8 yesterday. The speed Limit was 120kmph and i was slowing down. As i saw my speedometer, it was between 140-145kmph (i am not sure though). It was a rental car and I am at the moment in my probation period. Will this flashing have any negative impact on my license?

    • sagt:


      if you drive more than 20 km/h faster than speed limit, the probation period in Germany will be extended by two years. Furthermore you have to attend a special course.

      The editorial staff of

  10. B. H. sagt:

    My sister got a parking ticket on Friday 15th April on Karl-Liebknect strasse, Berlin. She lost the ticket and doesn’t know how to pay the fine. Do you know what she should do?


  11. Dipyaman sagt:


    I received a speed fine of 120 eur + taxes for +34kmph overlimit. I have already paid the fine on the stated IBAN mentioning the file number. My question is , do i still need to fill the form and send back to them? or case would be closed once they receive the correct fine amount?

    Thank you

  12. Qusay sagt:

    I recieved a letter saying that i was driving 99km in 50km , but i know that the street has a sign of 70km before the camera . What should i do in this case ?
    And i’m not from germany i have an international license, how are the points and ban going to work on my license ?
    Thank you

    • sagt:

      Hello Qusay,

      we would recommend you to contact a lawyer and see if he can help you.

      The editorial staff of

  13. Carlos sagt:


    I was on a Bussiness trip and I had a rental car under my Company’s account, I received an e-mail from my corporate
    office that they received a fine notification for me. I requested their help of the procedure for paying it but I didn’t hear
    anything, and apparently I have to go to the Police office in Germany. Could you help with what should be the process
    of paying the fine, or Who should I contact.


    • sagt:

      Hello Carlos,

      you can ask the authority that sent the letter regarding the fine.

      The editorial staff of

  14. claude e. sagt:

    What happen if I get flashed several times in one day at different locations but not exceeding the speed limit for more than 5km/h?
    Please let me know,

    • sagt:

      Hello Claude,

      normally you will have to pay the usual fines for each traffic offense.

      The editorial staff of

  15. feldwar sagt:

    Hallo i drive car from in hagan germany without license, and allowed Speed was 80kph and i was driving on 119 so i got picture . yesterday Police come to my door and i told them it was me driving a car , they told me you will get 1 Point and fine but i told them i have no license ,
    I am in driving school soon i will do my theory

    please tell me what will happend now ???

    • sagt:


      for driving without a license you usually receive a freedom penalty (up to one year) or a fine.

      The editorial staff of

  16. Ian sagt:


    I have recently received a fine and driving ban letter from the authorities. I am driving on a foreign EU driving licence so do not want to surrender the actual license as I am still legally allowed to drive in other EU countries. The letter isn’t clear as to my obligations as a foreigner.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • sagt:

      Hello Ian,

      German authorities are only allowed to seize German driver’s licenses. If you hand it in, they won’t keep your driver’s license, but they will put a sticker on it that says that you won’t be allowed to drive in Germany for a certain amount of time.

      The editorial staff of

  17. Paige sagt:

    If my neighbor is parking so I am unable to get out of my driveway is there anything I can do? I tried talking to her and asked her many times but she refuses to park a little ahead or in her OWN driveway!

    • sagt:

      Hello Paige,

      indeed, you can call the authorities (Ordnungsamt) so that yours neighbour’s car can be removed.

      The editorial staff of

  18. nagamani sagt:

    i recently was involved in a minor car accident in which no harm was done to anyone(I am an Indian, got my german license around 2 yrs ago).Accident took place on 24th may.. My car back bumper got a bit of dent and so the other persons front bumper. he was in the privalage lane and i was leaving the lane probably little slowly and he was little fast so the accident occured. I immediately called the police and reported. Since neither of us were ready to accept our fault the police decided to send a letter to us after contacting appropriate department. So i got the letter saying i was guilty and asked to fill a form and post them in 7 days. But some suggested me to get an advocate.
    i just want to know how an advocate will help in this situation and what happens when i fill the form and send it? do i have to pay for the other persons car damage? will my car insurance pay for my car damage?
    this is the 1st time such a thing happened and i am completely unaware of how things work here. ANy help would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

    • sagt:

      Hello nagamani,

      in the case you fill out the form and send it in, it will considered a statement concerning the accident. It will then be decided if you are at fault or not. If that is the case your insurrance will have to pay the damages of the other person involved. You need to report the incident to your insurrance either way, so that you are on the safe side.

      An advocate/lawyer can help you figuring out how to fill out the form the correct way and will support you during the proceedings. It is advisable to contact a lawyer to receive legal aid.

      The editorial staff at

  19. Adnan sagt:

    Hi. I got the speeding fine of 100Eur, for overspeeding, ( I was 76km/h in 50km/h zone) the letter is received at my Czech Republic address with a question sheet. I paid it Online, do I have to send the question sheet back to the address in Bautzen?
    also the ticket is for 100Eur and the attached letter says something like 25Euro more should be also paid?

    • sagt:

      Hello Adnan,

      you also have to pay the extra 25 €. This is an additional fee which the authorities levy for their expenses. If you have paid the full fine, you acknowledge that you were driving too fast. Then you don’t have to send back the question sheet.

      The editorial staff of

  20. Dale sagt:

    I recently rented a car in Germany and now that I am home, I just received notification from the rental agency, Avis, that they have need notified of a fine or a charge imposed against me. It says the traffic charge is 505120188997. I do not know what this means. The notification says they have passed my contact information onto “the issuing organization”. I believe I was driving the car at the time cited, but I do not know what I did wrong. Also there is no information as to who the issuing agent is, so there is none for me to contact. Can you tell me what the charge means and who should I contact? It says the issuing agent is “Verkehr und Busgeld”

    • sagt:

      Hello Dale,

      we are sorry, but we can’t help you. The given informations doesn’t tell us something. So if the rental agency gave your contact to the authorities, you will get a letter where everything important will be written. So you just should wait.

      The editorial staff of

  21. Jay sagt:

    Driving my truck on the winter from frankfurt the snow too my truck away from the road without hiting any car on the road or the sides of the road i jist could not pull my truck out, i called the POLICE my self they came saw i was driving blow the speed limit and still gave me a fine and 1 point .is that normal?

    • sagt:

      Hello Jay,

      the speed limit is just ment for perfect circumstances. At least you were still too fast because oft the snow. You have to adjust your speed to the circumstances. In the opinion of the authorities, you did not do this, otherwise the accident would not happened.

      The editorial staff of

  22. Priyank sagt:


    I had received an “Anhörung” from German authorities fro driving at 132 km/hr on a speed limit of 100 km/hr around Köln. The letter also stated that the max. speed limit was 105 km/hr. I have sent the letter back to authorities with my details.

    I have a question regarding what can I expect as a fine from the authorities and will I also receive a ban in driving?
    I am bit nervous.


    • sagt:

      Hello Priyank,

      if it was out of town ist would be 120 Euro and one point.

      The editorial staff of

  23. Marcus sagt:


    I’m a Belgian citizen and I was caught speeding outside of town with 155km/h instead of 100km/h. From what I know I have to pay a fine of 240€. But what about losing my license for a month? How does that work exactly?

    – Am I just not allowed to drive in Germany for a month?
    – How do I know when the ban starts and when it ends?
    – Am I also not allowed to drive in Belgium?
    – Do I have to hand over my license to the authorities here or in Germany?
    – Do I just get a note on my drivers license saying that I’m not allowed to drive in Germany and the duration of the ban?

    Kind Regards,

    • sagt:

      Hello Marcus,

      you have to hand over your license to the German authorities for a short amount of time. Then they will put a sticker on it that says that you are not allowed to drive in Germany. The exact date will be noted. Then you will get your license back. From then on you are not allowed to drive in Germany for a month, but you can drive in Belgium.

      The editorial staff of

  24. Allie sagt:

    Hello, we are driving through Germany with our caravan and we can not find out the speed limit anywhere. Every website says a different speed for driving on the Autobahn with a caravan. Do you know what the actual speed limit for a caravan in please? Thank you.

    • sagt:

      Hello Allie,

      in Germany there is a speed limit of 80 km/h for caravans, if you are driving on the autobahn. Only caravans with a special permit are allowed to drive up to 100 km/h.

      The editorial staff of

  25. caroline l. sagt:

    We had an accident when driving through Germany. One other car was involved .No one was hurt. We were fined 250Euro on the spot . Since returning home i have received a letter from the german police asking me to give my account of the accident and saying i am being charged with Driving without due care and attention. Do i need a solicitor or will returning an explanatory letter be sufficient. What will be the most likely penalty ?

    • sagt:

      Hello Caroline,

      normally, an explanatory letter should suffice. At this point, it is not possible to define the liekely penalty.

      The editorial staff of

  26. Quinn sagt:

    Hello, how can I find out how many points I have on my license? I am stationed in Germany with the US Army and so I have a “U.S. Forces Certificate of License” or a “Fahrerlaubnisbescheinigung für Privatfahrzeuge”. I was flashed today and I’m pretty sure I’ll be reaching the magic number with this flash and have my license suspended for a bit. I also have another question, if I were to have the license I just posted above and I were to also get an actual German drivers license could I cheat the system and still drive when one of them is suspended or would they be linked together? I understand that if I don’t speed I wouldn’t have to worry about this but my route to work is just long straightaways with changing speed limits for no apparent reason so sometimes I zone out and just coast at 100km/h but if it looks like my license will be suspended I will need to come up with a plan to get to work. Last question, if I know that my license will be suspended can I call and have the suspension start today or do I have to wait for the ticket?

    • sagt:

      Hello Quinn,

      there is an opportunitiy to ask how many points you have – you only have to submit a request to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). We were talking about this in our article “Punkte abfragen“. The text is in german but maybe you can translate it. At least you will have to wait until you got the fine. There is no way to start the suspension directly. There is even no way to cheat – if you will get a driving ban for germany you can ask the authorities what you can do. Probably you should wait some month before you are allowed to start with german driving school.

      The editorial staff of

  27. Euan sagt:

    Just got flashed for the first time ever In Landsberg. Was doing 41km in a 30km. What will this cost me?

  28. Deepesh sagt:

    I was taking my wife to hospital during labor pain and while entering 30 km zone speeding camera flashed. Is there something I can do abount it in sense of telling authorities about situation or..

    Thanks and regards

    • sagt:

      Hello Deepesh,

      there is always the possibility of raising an objection against the fine. A lwayer can help you if you have further questions.

      The editorial staff of

  29. James sagt:


    I got a speeding ticket 120 Euro, 1 point on my license. I replied to the letter to agree it was me and the bill has come back saying 208 Euro, 1 point and 1 month driving ban. I was doing 93 in a 60. Why do I have to pay more money and a 1 month ban?

    • sagt:

      Hello James,

      have you already been fined for speeding (overspeeding of more than 26 km/h) during the last twelve months before this incident? This would explain the additonal driving ban. In addition German authorities are allowed to raise the fine if you have been flashed repeatedly in the past.

      Die editorial staff of

  30. Jan sagt:

    I was driving a bit fast while turning to side road and passed by the other driver fast ´.My baby was ill that’s why i was in a bit hurry. The other driver got angry and took picture of number plate and myself and threatened me that he will report to the police and my license will be banned permanently. What i should do now? Is there any way i could save my license?

    Any suggestion would be helpful.


    • sagt:

      Hello Jan,

      a report to the police doesn’t mean, that you will get a fine, as it must be proved, that you drove too fast.

      The editorial staff of

  31. Hatem sagt:

    Today, I was waiting at the traffic light to become green. The moment it became green, I drove my car but was flashed by the camera installed at the intersection. I drive through this intersection everyday that I know it by heart. I was nevered flashed fir speed or crossing a red light! I believe there was a problem with the camera. Now I am not sure I will be punished for that as it takes week to receive the ticket but I am very sure I was flashed by the. Smear mistakenly! Can I do anything in advance to solve this problem? Any one to contact?

    • sagt:

      Hello Hatem,

      if you will get a fine you still can raise an objection. If this don’t helps or you are feeling unsure a lawyer could help.

      The editorial staff of

  32. Anup sagt:


    Today I received a letter from my company and it was for my driving with 78km/h in 50Km/h zone. That means 28 km/h overspeed. I have send this Fragenbogen to “landratsamt XXXX verkehrsamt”.

    As far as I know, I am still in probeZeit ( I issued my license in last October i.e: October 2016). How much fine or penaltly should I get in this circumstances?

    I read somewhere that it may be needed to take special seminar. Can you tell me where should I take this seminar and if they are free?

    thanks in advance.

    • sagt:

      Hello Anup,

      you will get one point and a fine between 80 till 100 euro. Your Porbezeit will be extended to four years. You have to visit a special seminar (called Aufbauseminar /ASF). Some driving schools offering it. It’s not free. You have to pay for it.

      The editorial staff of

  33. Haris sagt:


    I am going to be driving from Sweden to Bosnia in 2 weeks(driving through Germany). I was just wondering if i do get A ban on my driving license, can the ban set when I’m back in Sweden so it doesn’t come in the Way for my vacation? Given the 2 scenarios that it’s a flash or the police stop me.

    Best regards.

    • sagt:

      Hello Haris,

      most of the times the driving ban does not start right away if you get flashed.

      The editorial staff of

  34. John sagt:

    Hi ,

    I was flashed outside of town in a 70 km/h zone over speeding at 91 km/h (+21 km/h nach Toleranzabzug).
    Is there a possibility to check if I really was doing 21 km/h because if it turned out to be 20 km/h then I could avoid a point.
    Is there any other way I could be given a 1 km/h leeway?


    • sagt:

      Hello John,

      if the authorities say you weren’t 21 km/h over the speeding limit, then this is the speed they measured. The Toleranzabzug (tolerance deduction) already takes account of possible inaccuracies. But it is still possible to raise an objection.

      The editorial staff of

  35. John sagt:


    I have a situation where my probation period has been extended for two more years after a speeding ticket.
    Unfortunately, I received another speed ticket today (still in probation) for driving 21 km/h out of town.

    What are the consequences in this case?


    • sagt:

      Hello John,

      you will get a warning from the authorities. With the next speeding ticket you will lose your licence.

      The editorial staff of

  36. Anton sagt:

    I was stopped in Germany autobahn, I haven’t slept for like two days (maybe short breaks), the thing was that one officer who was checking documents, asked me if i consumed cannabis because my eyes are red?! I said no, not for a two days since i was in Holland. He took my urine, it showed positive THC (of course, because THC in your urine stays up to one month). Then i started arguing as hell, because I WASN’T HIGH, i was working and driving. So they took me to hospital to take blood. They did, so now I’m waiting for a fine for that, because as I’ve read that if you consumed a lot, it can stay in your blood up to 7 days, but it should not be psychoactive THC after 6-12 hours of consumption. I am not a citizen of Germany, nor do I live there, but I am citizen of EU.
    So the first thing, is that normal that they do urine test’s/blood tests?! Maybe they can check my hair follicles and then fine me for what i did in last two years?! I remember them few years ago as i was driving from Holland, to Poland trough Germany and when i entered country they did the Q-tip test in my mouth (then i haven’t smoked for a day before the trip) so this test looks normal to me and it makes sense because you are clearly not high if you haven’t smoked for last 24 hours. I asked about that test, but officer told me that they don’t have them at the moment, so instead they will do urine test! The officer told me some nonsense about THC FLASHBACKS afterwards!!! That amazed me, as I was not born yesterday and i know the effects of marijuana, because i prefer it over alcohol.
    They gave me my license back, but I couldn’t drive for 24hours afterwards, then the officer told me with happy face, that it’s possible that they can find some THC in my blood tomorrow too! I’m happy that I was with a friend, he could drive, BUT THEY DID NOT CHECKED HIM WITH THE SAME TEST, even he was also tired of long trip and his eyes were red too, but officer just asked him if he is high or not. He said no, so he could drive.
    So the questions:
    Is that normal, or I should find some lawyer, because it is totally nonsense in my opinion?
    If they ban me from driving like they say for a month, will i be banned from driving in my country too?!
    And the answers before they were asked:
    Yes I am against high driving. Of course it is safer than drunk driving, but anyway I know the effects of it and you should never ever drive for at least 4-5 hours after smoking, because you are still that time.
    No I do not drive while high ever, because I just cant.
    If anyone has time and knowledge (or same experience), please answer me, I’m really worried of the fine (500-1500euro) and about my driving license.

    • sagt:

      Hello Anton,

      first of all: If the police suspects that a driver has consumed drugs or alcohol, they are allowed to do a urine test. If this test is positive, then they can order you to take a blood test. If you will get a driving ban this will only be in force in Germany.

      The editorial staff of

  37. Oleksii sagt:


    Can anybody explain what exactly was the issue.

    I parked a car in Berlin payed fee in the parkomat and placed a receipt under winshield, but when I returned I found a ticket. There are some bank requisites but no amount and I can’t find any explanation what exactly is wrong.

    The ticket mentions paragraph 24 of StWG and paragraphs 56 57 OWiG. Unfortunately I was not able to find translation for StWG and OWiG.

    Also I can’t identify the ticket number. Is there any example how ticket should look like. Where the number is located and where the reason is stated

    • sagt:

      Hello Oleksii,

      the paragraphs that you have quoted merely state that you have committed a so-called “Ordnungswidrigkeit” – an administrative offence, but not exactly which one. The best solution would be to call the responsible authorities.

      The editorial staff of

  38. Dirk sagt:


    Is it possible to drive in germany with three adults and one 6month old child (with child seat) sitting in back seat together?

    Thank you in advance

    • sagt:

      Hello Dirk,

      this is only possible, if the car allowes four pasengers in the back seat.

      The editorial staff

  39. David sagt:

    I yesterday got into a bit of a situation. I bought a car in March. The people I got it from were very impatient after selling me a car that needed a lot of work that I wasn’t aware of. So I decided I would take forever to send them the plates they wanted as a memory. I didn’t get the car registered and didn’t have insurance. Well, yesterday this all came to light when I walked to the car in a parking lot and the plates were in the hands of some police. What happens next?

    • sagt:

      Hello David,

      in Germany every car has to have an insurance – the so-called “Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung”. If you drive without insurance you commit a crime, which can be punished with a prison sentence or a fine. Furthermore you might get six points in Flensburg and a driving ban. In addition the authorities might accuse you of fiscal evasion.

      The editorial staff of

  40. Quiendel t. sagt:

    how can I prove that the person in the photo was not me driving ?

    • sagt:

      Hello Quiendel,

      I’m sorry, but we are not allowed to provide a free legal consultation. A lawyer can anser all your questions.

      The editorial staff of

      • Cvetko sagt:

        Dear sir or madam

        How much should i be charged to leave the car in privat parking place

        • sagt:

          Hello Cvetko,

          the official fines only apply to public parking spaces. If you have parked in a private parking lot which is supervised by a private company, the fine will be fixed by the company. The fine can be twice as high as the official fine at the maximum.

          The editorial staff of

  41. tolias sagt:


    I leave in England and i was driving on motorway close to Stuttgart,and i was sure was not speed limit at that speed was 165 km/h and the police stop me and told me the limit is 100 km/h.The told me or to pay the penalty at this moment it was 665 Euros,(with not to tell me that i will be ban for 2 months)or to go to court late.I did pay the penalty as to avoid all this troubles,now i have a letter to say that i have to send my driving licence for 2 months ban,and i found out that the speeding fine for 61-70 km/h out of town is 440 Euros.have i to send my driving licence? had i to pay 665 Euros or 440 ?

    • sagt:

      Hello Tolias,

      you payed a bail. The money you payed to much you will get back. You should send your licence. They will mark it with the information, that there is a driving ban for germany.

      The editorial staff of

      • Lisa sagt:

        I am Canadian with rental car and driving for 3 days in Germany between Berlin and Munich. I have been given two invoices from rental agency for (apparently) 2 different traffic violations for which the rental company charged me twice for “administration” – sending my info to German traffic ticketing agency. First, why did I get charged twice for the same service (passing a renter info along) and how can I find out what the infractions were. Second, as far as I remember I was mostly following along with traffic in the middle lane – unless all traffic shifted left- and was frequently in construction zones travelling quite slowly; how can I been penalized for speeding (GPS on rental car is not beeping or indicating any issue with speeding violation?) or some other traffic violation that I am not familiar with? It is not good visitor relations to send tickets after the fact for non-native folks who cannot defend their driving under what would seem to be normal situations. If there are particulars that visitors need to know then the agency renting should point out these things so we are not surprised by their own or other violation related charges. I passed police on roads many times and expected that if I am behaving outside the law, they would stop me? Where can I research my options for fighting these fines?

        • sagt:

          Hello Lisa,

          foreign travellers must expect to get the same fines as german drivers. It is quite possible, that the speeding fine relates to speeding in a construction zone, as most GPS don’t incorporate them. If you want to fight against the fines and/or the behavior of the rental company, you should consult a lawyer which can advise you and show you your options.

          The editorail staff of

          • Yvonne sagt:


            I visited Germany in 2014 and received a letter from the rental company (Avis) saying that I got charged a handling fee because of the speeding and enclosed a picture of me driving behind the wheels.

            I didn’t receive anything else other than the invoice from the rental company. so I assumed that the rental company paid the fine already?

            If not, how do I pay the fine? Is there a website that I can go and pay by Credit card?
            Also because it is aged (issued 2014), what is the consequence of that? Is there a number I can call to find out?

            Thank you for your help in advance!


          • sagt:

            Hello Yvonne,

            you could call the rental company ans ask for further information on the ticket. They should be able to tell you which authorities you can contact.

            The editorial staff of

  42. Marko sagt:

    so, i today drove straight through red light.
    but , this wasn’t ”regular” traffic light. it is on exit of sports arena and usually works maybe 5 times a month, for a brief period of time.
    by the time i saw it, there was no safe way to stop. i am not sure for how long it was on when i drove.
    i drive this street every day, it’s on my way from work,and this was first time i didn’t manage to stop.
    i was within speed limit, and didn’t endanger any other car.
    what can happen? i would like to point out, i do need my driving’s licence for work.

    • sagt:

      Hallo Marko,

      did you get flashed? If yes it could mean a driving ban for one month.

      The editorial staff of

      • Marko sagt:

        no, i don’t think i got flashed..
        didn’t see any flash, didn’t see any stationary blitzer.
        this traffic light also doesn’t have that litle camera on top of it.

        • sagt:

          Hello Marko,

          if your violation was not recorded or if you have not been flashed, you should not have to worry.

          The editorial staff of

  43. walker sagt:

    Hello I received a speeding violation and they have taken my license to mark it with something that says I may not drive in Germany for a number of months. Still not sure exactly how long. it’s been a week and a half and I have not gotten my license back. How long does this usually take?

  44. Gavrilo sagt:

    I got a letter form my rental company that I have violated some low. It does not say which one.
    I have something like a reference number, but is there a way to check that?
    I want to know where, when and what low did I break? Is that possible?

    • sagt:

      Hello Gavrilo,

      you can check which law you broke by cheking the number on the official “Bußgeldkatalog” – alternatively you can post the number here to check it.

      The editorial staff of

  45. NEELY C sagt:

    We just received a speeding ticket. It was addressed to me but had a picture of my wife behind the wheel. We were going
    124kph in a 100kph zone. It did not specify an amount for the fine and the whole letter was in German. How much is the fine going to be?

    • sagt:

      Hello Neely,

      what you received is most probably a so-called “Anhörungsbogen” or “Zeugenfragebogen”. Those are usually sent before the official speeding ticket. Their main purpose is to give you a chance to portray the incident from your side, but that step is voluntary. You need to fill in the data of the person who was driving and you have to send it back in a time of two weeks. After that, you should receive the official speeding ticket within a short while. The fine should be around 70 Euro.

      The team of

  46. Mo.. sagt:

    I got into a red traffic light which I crossed obviously by mistake today as it was yellow although i guess it was too late (in Frankfurt),and I just translated my Egyptian license which I had 16 years ago into the German one and I got it 2 months ago,so please would you tell me what can happen? and am I still considered as a beginner to attend this seminars I heard about ? thank you

    • sagt:

      Hello Mo,

      a fine of 90 euro an a point in Flensburg are to be expected.

      The editorial staff of

  47. Stacy sagt:

    I just moved from Seattle to Germany and still am driving with my American license, two weeks ago I got a ticket saying I was going 75 in a 50 zone, whhat will happen? And I going to be able to still get a German licence after this violation?

    • sagt:

      Hello Stacy,

      you will have to pay a fine of 80 € and you will get one point in Flensburg. Normally there should not be any problems regarding your German licence.

      The editorial staff of

  48. Baris sagt:

    How can i pay penalty?

    • sagt:

      Hello Baris,

      you have to pay via bank transfer. You will find the information on the penalty notice.

      The editorial staff of

  49. milo sagt:

    I was driving rental car and got flashed
    it was 2nd or 3rd town after I left motorway
    I was driving around 100km/h as I was fooled by the thing there are no speed limits signs
    only later I realised that town area is marked by yellow sign with town name and that’s it – no usuall white red sign with numbers

    it was my frist day after coming to visit Germany
    how the procedure looks like for holder of other EU state in rented car?

    is there any way of appealing the fine?


    • sagt:

      Hello milo,

      the table above shows which fines are inflicted and if a driving ban is imposed. If you have driven a rented car, the German authorities will first contact the . They will give the authorities your contact information and then the authorities will contact you. When you receive the speeding ticket, you can raise an objection.

      The editorial staff of

  50. Sean sagt:

    I am in the military. How does say the 1 month driving ban work?

    • sagt:

      Hello Sean,

      if you get a driving ban, you will have to send your license to the nearest police-station within four month. They will send it back to you after the month is over.

      The editorial staff of

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